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Dedication and Preface

By dhowell - Posted on 04 March 2007


This history is dedicated to the memory of the pioneers who selected Manchester for their home and to the Centennial Committee of 1967. This pilot group of dedicated volunteers made it possible for a closely knit community to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the signing of its charter without engaging outside help and at the same time guided the celebration events to a most successful conclusion.

As Chairman of the Manchester Centennial Committee, I wish to express thanks to everyone who helped in any way to complete the centennial events which were outlined early this year. I, and many others, believed we could have a worthwhile Centennial without soliciting outside professional help. This was accomplished, not by any single individual or group of people, but by the united efforts of everyone in the immediate area of Manchester—and with help from interested people not necessarily involved.

Committees, subcommittees, farmers, merchants, boys and girls, worked many hours on centennial features. We didn't want this Centennial Celebration to be a burden to our merchants and townspeople, as has been the case in some communities.

Individuals loaned money early in our plans to get the ball rolling. We had fun throughout the spring and summer as we tried to utilize new ideas and suggestions.

To name people to whom this committee is indebted would be useless. We needed everyone—from the Centennial Queen to the last fellow who bought a membership button.

I want to personally thank everyone of our officers and our Board of Directors for their endless hours of volunteer help and cooperation. And we are grateful to the Hendleys for giving us this history of Manchester and its surrounding area. Now everyone can have a lasting reminder of the growth of our community and turn the pages and read again how we celebrated our one hundredth birthday!

— Irvin Gill, Centennial President


A full century has elapsed since the Village of Manchester was granted a charter. The organization of the community took place more than thirty years before. The accomplishments and struggles of these early pioneers is a part of its history. A better way of life, religious freedom and education of the children prompted the settlement.

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