The Old Cemetery

By dhowell - Posted on 28 December 2007

Looking toward the old cemetery on the bend of the Raisin.

The first cemetery for Manchester was in the northwest section of town on the bend of the Raisin. In the history by Annetta English, she mentions that "the first death was that of Henry Annabil, who lived in a log house on Water Street. He ran the sawmill on the east bank of the river. His grave was made in the woods on Ann Arbor Hill prior to establishing a cemetery, but later the body was removed to the cemetery on the bend of the River Raisin.

"The cemetery was used until 1856 and a bier was used to carry the coffin from the gate to the grave.

"Many have been removed to Oak Grove but a few graves remain, marked by head-stones and some with unmarked graves. One unmarked grave is that of Mrs. William Johnson's first husband, Mr. Taylor and father of Miss Martha Taylor and Mrs. Wm. Rushton. He was killed by a falling tree in 1852.

"Among those buried there is Charlotte Mosely, whose mother was Rhoda Root, a daughter of Dr. Eleazar Root who died in 1852 at the age of 15. Miss English's father was a pall-bearer for the first time.

"Henry Byron died in 1856 aged five months. This child was the son of Calvin Townsend, a lawyer here at the time. Later he went to Rochester, N.Y. to live where he wrote a text book on Civil Government. He was blind the later years of his life.

"William W. K. Marshall died at the age of 30.

"Artemas Kief is buried there as is his stepdaughter, Emily Caldwell, Alonzo Fargo's wife. The land for the cemetery was given by Mr. James H. Fargo.

"John Coon died April 3, 1841, aged 64, and Sarah Coon died Nov. 27, 1847, aged 71 years.

"Also buried there are the parents of Lorenzo H. and Philetus Coon, who lived in a log house on the site of the brick house where later George Huber lived on the Spafard Plains."

Others who are buried there include Alexander Falconer and his wife Isabel and Elsie, daughter of John and Susan Falconer and Nancy, wife of John Falconer.