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Circa Manchester is the newsletter of the Manchester Area Historical Society and is published several times yearly. Each issue contains Society news as well as information on future programs and events, reports of past programs and historical information of local and regional interest.

Read the current issue or choose one of the past issues listed below. All are in PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click Get Adobe Reader to download the latest version from Adobe's site.

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Current Issue

Read the November 2009 issue (1.2MB) of Circa Manchester. This issue includes reports on the Iditarod Race program (September), Model Trains (October), news on Blacksmith Shop floor and chimney repairs, Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association Meeting, November's "Show and Tell" program, and Howard Parr receipt of President's Call to Service Award at the annual CRC banquet.

Past Issues

August 2009 (.9MB) – Reports on floor repairs in the Blacksmith Shop, the MAHS Community Fair display and Chicken Broil Day activities, the first annual Golden Years Picnic, and MAHS at Business Expo 2009.

May 2009 (1.1MB) – Program reports for February's "Manchester Businessmen and Merchants, 1860s to 1930s," "Early Methodists in Southern Michigan" (March) and "Manchester Connections" (May). Also Part 2 of Olio Curtain report, and recent acquisitions.

February 2009 (1.1MB) – Field trip to St. James UCC (November program), Cookies and Carols (December), Part 1 of the Olio Curtain report and year-end financial report.

November 2008 (.6MB) – Includes reports on the Annual Meeting, "Bees and Beekeeping" (October program), Karen Jenter's New Avenues Award and Shop Talk.

August 2008 (2.7MB) – Reports on Manchester Cemeteries (May program), Annual Picnic (held every June) and the MAHS Community Fair exhibit.

May 2008 (.7MB) – Includes "Surviving the Holocaust, a Non-Jewish Experience" (March program) and luminaria and shed news.

February 2008 (1.2MB) – Includes Cookies and Carols (December program) report, Major John Gilbert program (January) presented by Ray Berg, Bill Ames as Abraham Lincoln (February program) and more!

2007 November (.8MB) – Includes report on completion of Sharon Township Civil War plaque and monument, United Confederate Veterans (September program by Don Limpert), election results, pottery making (October meeting featuring David Nelson), slide presentation of flora and fauna of Clark Spike farm in Sharon Township (November meeting) and more!

2007 August (.5MB) – Includes annual picnic, "Whatzit and Wherzit" game, Blacksmith Open House report.

2007 May (1MB) – Includes annual picnic, Don Limpert's presentation on the GAR (March program), Doug Howell & David Glaser, "A Tour of Historic Italy" (April program), Barry Kenyon, "Numismatics & Manchester coins & currency," (May program), Michigan chapter of the Victorian Society in America visits Manchester and more!

2007 February (2MB) – Includes Cookie Exchange and Carol Sing (December 14, 2006), Nancy Feldkamp, Watercolor Artist (January 11, 2007), Susan Luckhardt, Civil War Era Kitchens (February 8), Antique Valentines, financial statement and more!

2006 December (1.3MB) – The issue includes Annual Meeting (September 14 program), Antique Show and Tell (October 12 program), History of the Luminaria (November 9 program), some highlights from Jerry Swartout's extensive Manchester memorabilia collection, more!

2006 August (.8MB) – The issue includes History of Manchester Mill (May 11 program), 30-year History exhibit, pictures from the annual picnic, President's Message, help wanted ads and more!

2006 May (1MB) – History of Architecture in Church Buildings (February 9 program), Merriman Farmstead Preservation Dedication (April 19), Timber Framed Barn Raising (April 20 program) Railroad Tidbits, President's Message and more!

2006 February (1.3MB) – Manchester Mill tenants, Show and Tell program, annual Christmas Carol sing, year-end financial report and more.

2005 November (1MB) – Includes first meeting of the new season at Alber Orchard and Cider Mill (September 8), new officers, reports on the History of Income Tax (October 13 program), the moving of the Sharon Township Civil War monument, Early Michigan Settlers and Products They Needed (November 10 program), honors received at the annual Community Resource Center Volunteer Recognition Banquet (November 11) and more!

2005 August (.9MB) – Includes information about the September elections, Wander Washtenaw, the second installment of Nathaniel Schmid's epic poem about 1871 Manchester, and some pictures of the spring picnic.

2005 May (.7MB) – Summer events. Reports on reminiscences of the 50s and 60s (March 10 program), readings on the life of early settlers (April 14 program) and growing native plants from seed (May 12 program). First installment of Nathaniel Schmid's epic poem of 1871 Manchester. Dating old photographs.

2005 February (1MB) – Reports on barn restoration (January 13 program), Michigan fairs (February program). Women in history. Lakeshore and Michigan Southern Railway. Lost counties of Michigan. MAHS 2004 financial report.

2004 December (.9MB) – Blacksmithing (September 9 program), auto restoration (October 14 program) and “Bring an Antique” (November 11 program). Also “Christmas Eve in New Guinea – 1944” and Community Resource Center Volunteer Banquet highlights.

2004 August (.5MB) – Scale model buildings (13 May program), county Historic Preservation Award, “Farming in the Early 1900s” (part two), Blacksmith Shop report.

2004 May (.5MB) – MAHS group tours two museums, stereoviews (April 6 program), Civil War reenactments (11 March program), Manchester blood drives (February 12 program). Also “Farming in the Early 1900s,” part two.

2004 February (.8MB) – Luminaria afterglow, Show and Tell (November, 2003 program), Ford Village Industries (January 8 program), 2003 financial report. Also “Farming in the Early 1900s,” part one.