Farm Stories from Manchester published here in installments

Thanks to our longtime friend and MAHS board member, Howard Parr, we will publish his two recent local history books, Farm Stories from Manchester, Michigan, and My Army Years 1942–1952 in installments.

As Howard puts it in his forward, his writing process was much like the process his Grandma Mattern used to make her patchwork quilts: "A block at a time was sewn together out of whatever pieces of cloth were available. When enough had been made, which might take years, the blocks were sewn into a quilt top. So this 'farm quilt top' finally has been completed, and represents far more than the first blocks about my memories of growing up on our farm."

The Farm Stories book's forward, acknowledgements and first chapter have been published today. We plan to publish a chapter a month, so keep coming back for more local history.

Thank you, Howard, for introducing us all to your own very personal view of our beloved Manchester area!

More Early Manchester articles posted

Sit down by the fire with your laptop and get ready to read some interesting tales of Early Manchester! Parts 2 and 3 of "Shopping in Downtown Manchester Circa 1835," "The Bank of Manchester," "Manchester's Old Burying Ground," and "The Kief Family in Manchester (Part 1)" have all been posted. Just visit Early Manchester and start reading. Many thanks to Ray Berg and Alan Dyer for making this important original research available to all of us!

Shopping in Downtown Manchester Circa 1835

In previous articles, Ray Berg looked at the life and accomplishments of Major John Gilbert, the founder of Manchester, and how he platted the original village and built the first water-powered mills. He now picks up the story with the three Fargo brothers: Stephen, James Harvey, and Alonzo, and studies the development of the Fargo & Fargo General Store, the first mercantile operation in Manchester. The article is in three parts, the first part posted today.

John Gilbert Articles Posted

Ray Berg's articles on John Gilbert, "founder of Manchester," have been posted here (and are searchable)! Just see "Books" on the right side of this page (or the History page) and click on "Early Manchester" to display a table of contents listing all of Ray's articles. Check back often because we reprint the articles not long after they appear in M.

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